Sony BRAVIA OLED TV – Experience a whole new world


Experience a whole new world

See how the A1 creates an out-of-this-world experience.


Revealing new experiences

Take a tour and see how this TV enriches your life.


Everything else pales in contrast

True reality comes to life with deep black and natural colour. Over 8 million self-illuminating pixels are precisely and individually controlled by the X1 Extreme™ processor. Sony’s OLED TV creates exquisite, unprecedented contrast.


Just talk to explore new worlds

Find all the entertainment you can dream of, as fast as you can talk. With advanced voice control, this 4K Android TV™ brings you movies and TV shows from apps or broadcast in an instant.



Discover incredible contrast on an OLED 4K HDR TV with 8 million self-emitting pixels. Pictures are amazingly real with the deepest blacks providing detailed shadow expression and vibrant colour. Innovative Acoustic Surface™ technology delivers engaging sound directly from the screen.
  • Available in 139 cm (55), 164 cm (65)

  • 4K High Dynamic Range

  • 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme

  • OLED

  • Acoustic Surface™ technology


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